Exhibition pavilion (The Netherlands)

Exhibition room in Grubbenvorst with Urbanscape Green Roof system with 2 cm Urbanscape growing media. The benefit is an aesthetic view of otherwise dull aluminium roof.

Warehouse in Odijk (The Netherlands)

Several Urbanscape Green Roof Systems instaled on pitched roof in Odijk (Netherlands) to monitor and compare their performance.

Parking Kunming in Shijiazhuang (China)

Urbanscape lightweight system was selected to be put on glass roof to resolve extreem overheating during summer. Weight of Green roof is less than 20 kg/sqm dry and 45 kg/sqm when fully saturated.

Ljubljana (SLO) Gym prototype

In the framework of international project UHI (Urban Heat Islands effect) the prototype of innovative gym structure with Urbanscape green roof was developed.

Residence Poeldijk (The Netherlands)

Residential application of the Urbanscape Green Roof Modular System using 2 cm Urbanscape growing media. System provides good storm water management and good energy saving performance.