Groendak systeem Berkel-Enschot

Berkel (NL) Enschot woningdak

Residential roof with an Urbanscape Modular Green Roof system, in combination with Urbanscape Green Roof system without buffer (with 2 cm Urbanscape growing media), October 2013.
Visé green roof reference

Visé (Belgium) Plant and Guardhouse

The plant has a Green Roof system (substrate of 4 cm thickness) to cover the 440 m² of surface. The guardhouse has a Green Modular System (substrate of 2 cm thickness) that covers the roof of 20 m².

Awans (Belgium) Parking Garage

Parking garage next to a residential building with 66 m² of Urbanscape Modular Green Roof system and 2 cm Urbanscape growing media. It has been installed in September 2013.

Maryland (USA) EMOC Building

EMOC Building with 2000 m² of Urbanscape Green Roof system. It has been installed in June 2013 after modest spring but with extreme summer temperatures typical for Washington DC and Maryland area.

Grubbenvorst (The Netherlands) Open Terrace

Open terrace in the office building with a 2cm Urbanscape Green Roof system that has been installed in September 2013. It creates a nice living and relaxing environment for office workers.