Urbanscape System Benefits

High water conservation

Urbanscape Substrate provides fast and long term stable water re-absorption and water retention performance (proven by WOK and pF-Curve analysis). 1m2 of Urbanscape Substrate with 2cm thickness absorbs 17 litres of rainwater. Depending on type of local climate and/or weather season, up to 75% of water can be saved.

Reduced irrigation frequency

Urbanscape Substrate ensures that a proper amount of water is available for plant roots for long periods. Therefore, the need for an additional irrigation system is substantially reduced.                                                       

Reduced fertilizers consumption

Urbanscape Substrate binds fertilizers with water into small water reservoirs to supply more nutrients essential for the plant growth.                                                                                

Improved root growth

Water available in reservoirs created by Urbanscape Substrates ensures proper plant roots growth and extensive root distribution.                                                                                      

Stronger plants

Due to high water and fertilizer storage by Urbanscape Substrate, early and long flowering periods are ensured. Plants have also fast recovery after long dry periods.                                                

Efficient installation

Urbanscape Substrates are lightweight and easy to install.                                                                                                                                                                                                        


Urbanscape Substrates are made from various rock mixtures which are widely available in nature. The lightweight open structure of products promotes extensive root distribution and plant growth.